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About The Owner

Steve Casey is a licensed termite operator, a licensed general 
contractor and a certified home inspector. His background in the termite inspection is not only his profession but also something that has been a tradition business in his family since 1968. His decades of experience and qualifications have made Steve a renowned and trusted inspector in the bay area. Since he has a culmination of 3 generations of experience, Steve provides a unique level of service that integrate the best of traditional termite inspection practices with inspection solutions.

 Our Services

Our service is full and extensive when it comes to termite inspection. From thoroughly inspecting homes to providing inspection report with full-color photos and offering treatment solutions like fumigation and repairs, we are able to help educate, protect your home or property from Wood Destroying Evidence. Being contractors ourselves, we don’t take services from external contractors either – we do full termite inspection and damage repair services ourselves. 

Our services are reliable, professional, and lasting. We know you don’t want your property to have even a trace of termite and we also understand how hassling having termites in your property can be. So with us, you don’t have to worry. We take care of everything completely.
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